This page also serves as the terms and conditions of our products and services. Please read carefully the following information and make sure you agree to all the contents before proceeding with any purchase.

There are a few options. Usually, you will choose once or twice a week. Each session is one hour.

For one-on-one classes, it is based on your individual pace.
For small group classes, if you miss a class, you can still access our online course materials. If you need help, you can ask questions on our forum and we will respond there. Also, you can ask the teacher in your next class.

Each class is usually one hour.

Once a lesson is confirmed, by any means such as phone, email, Calendarly, whether manually or automatically, it cannot be cancelled. If you do not show up, the credit for the lesson will be consumed and cannot be refunded.

No, unused credits will not be refunded.

We may or may not record the videos for the lessons. If we record the lessons and make them available to the public, efforts will be made to remove individually identifiable information of children, and/or to edit away their parts.