This is a quick tutorial on how to use S2. S2 uses the Kotlin language as the “glue” language to call a (large) number of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based math, engineering, and data science libraries. S2 uses NM Dev numerical library at its core to define the interfaces (or contracts) of some fundamental math concepts such as functions so that different libraries are interoperable (aka. they talk to each other). S2 comes also with a number of databases, e.g., financial data, that you can use. To use S2, all you need to know is (1) Kotlin and (2) the API of the classes/models/algorithms/data that you are interested in. S2 is meant to be a (very) simple language and platform for you to do data science using interactive programming. Once you finish coding in S2, you can build your code to binaries so that it runs anywhere on JVM.

Happy coding!